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So Truly Real  Ashton Drake Dolls 


So Truly Real Baby Dolls by Ashton Drake Dolls

So Truly Real Baby Dolls by Ashton Drake Dolls

Fall in Love with So Truly Real Collectible Dolls from Ashton-Drake

Doll collectors have relied on The Ashton-Drake Galleries to bring them the most lifelike, collectible-quality dolls by the world's premier doll artists for over three decades. Now, The Ashton-Drake Galleries Online invites you to fall in love with the true-to-life realism of their beloved So Truly RealŪ baby dolls.

Anyone who loves dolls and has an appreciation for quality craftsmanship and design innovation will tell you there's simply no match for the So Truly RealŪ sweeties. Distinguished by an incredible level of realism and irresistible charm, these exclusive dolls bring all the wonder of precious babies to life. Sculpted by celebrated artists like Linda Murray and Marissa May, each doll is then hand-cast in soft vinyl or supple silicone and hand-painted to capture every adorably lifelike detail.

From weighted newborns that feel oh-so-real in your arms to interactive toddler dolls that really walk with your help, they have an incredible variety of ways to experience the breathtaking realism of So Truly RealŪ. Enjoy sweet interactions with touch-activated features like breathing, cooing, laughing and more. Capture playful poses with the Hold That Pose™ dolls, or hold one of our sleeping sweeties close. Just don't wait to discover how So Truly RealŪ a baby doll can be. As a premier destination for collectible dolls and baby dolls of irresistible value, they pride their selves on bringing you the very best.

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